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Wake up in the morning, the girl Anna went to the kitchen to help her mother prepare a delicious pumpkin muffin for lunch. You in the pumpkin muffin best free online game will help him in this matter. The kitchen will appear on the screen in the middle of the table which will be installed. It will contain food products needed for cooking and various types of kitchen equipment. The first step is to mengulen the dough. To do this, according to the recipe, you must mix flour, eggs, and other products included in the composition. When flour is ready, you need to pour it into a special mold. Now you have to put this form in the oven for a certain time. When they are baked, you will delete cans from the oven and remove the cupcake from them. Now you can decorate them with various edible decorations. After that, remove beautifully on the plate and serve.

Use your mouse to click on the ingredients and complete these clammy muffins.


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