Police Chase Motorbike Driver

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Police Chase Motorbike Driver is the game for people who like bikes and a bit of speed. Play as the good guy, chasing down criminals and getting them to stop! Every mission has a different objective - you can chase down motorcycles, or try to collect money from around the city.

Unlock new bikes by doing missions, or buy them with the money you get from collecting. You’re a superhero after all, so keep the city safe! Just remember that with every crash, your bike takes damag - fix it up before you go out on the road again.

( Drive / Move Left ) Press A - ( Drive / Move Right ) Press D - ( Breaks ) Press SPACE - ( Drive / Move Reverse ) Press S - ( Drive / Move Forward ) Press W - ( Get in Car ) Press F - ( For Shooting ) Use Mouse Left Click - ( For Aim ) Use Mouse Right Click.


3D Action Sports


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