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In this Paint game, get ready for colorful competitions! Jump to the arena, and try it's best to carve a large room for your team. Do you have what it takes to win every match?

The purpose of this game is to win every match and level up. To do this, your team must have the most area when the timer reaches zero. At the top of the screen, you can see the percentage of the area of ​​each team. To expand your area, you must explore the area of ​​your opponent.

When you travel in the enemy area, you will leave a faint trace behind you. When you return to your area, the places you mark with your trace will be added to your area. Be careful, because you can be killed while far from your area. Have a good time!

How much land can you cover in art games online?
Make sure they don't hit the trail you left. You can also customize your experience with a cool paint pattern and character that includes cats, dragons, and even donuts.

Key Features:
This is one of the thrilling art games online that will keep you at the end of your chair! Paint as many boards as you can when you compete with other players from all countries.

Use arrows to go up, down, left, and right! When you are out of your territory, watch out your tail - if the enemy goes over it, you will die.




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