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Hungry shark world is a pretty rough game where you will control big angry sharks. As the name hints, your goal will hunt as many beach visitors as possible. At the top of your screen is the count of killings that you need to reach. You can eat both people swimming and people on board. When they fall into the water, you can attack them. Besides that, you can get a speed boost for a while. You also need to be careful to see your time, because a longer period does not kill anyone can mean the hungry shark game is over. Can you pass all levels on your first try?

Hungry Shark is a cool shark game that is full of blood and shouting and you can play it online for free on Yarra Games. Control the most powerful and angry shark killer in the world who survived shark evolution and cut apart humans like tiny little creatures. Swim around crowded beaches and hunt specific victims to complete each level.

Attack and kill people swim, boats, or even humans come out of the water. Avoid running out of blood or a large white shark you will become someone who finds death. There is nothing safe in the shark world, especially those controlled by hungry shark heroes. Enjoy playing the hungry shark game!

Key Features:
- Excellent design, addictive gameplay
- collects coins, and buys new sharks.
- Many types of Sharks are Brawler, Hunter, and Charger, etc.
- The game will be easier with the strong shark you open.

Drag to move shark with the mouse or keyboard arrow buttons, Click for your shark speed boost and attack on opponent shark players.

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