Fruit Slasher Ninja

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Fruit cutting slasher game is the best arcade free online game where you cut fruits, earn points and avoid bombs. How many times have you cut these fruits? Dozens of fresh fruits for you to cut pineapples, cut mango, cut watermelon, cut pomegranate, cut avocado, cut apple, cut strawberries, cut lemon, cut orange, cut grapefruit, and more. Slice as much as you can, as quickly as possible. Enjoy the mania !!
Fruit slasher game is a 3D fruit game, enjoy the sweeter and delicious game. To Play only cut fruit in a slicing style. To find more fun just slice more & more fruit, but remember one thing not slicing a bomb. To score high, you need to cut every fruit.

Massive hits and eye-catching splash animations make this arcade game more attractive. Sharp fruit-slicing skills and become a slasher game master. It's time for your throw carefully and try to cut up a lot of fruit at once to get a bonus score! Be nimble and accurate slice the fruits - don't miss any fruit!

What are you waiting for? Whether you play for fun and try to relax and spend time, or try to improve your fruit cutting skills as a master ninja, this is the best arcade game for you. Enjoy the awesomeness and trust the hype of Fruit Slasher free Game - Chop Chop!

Key Features:
- Tons of delicious and exciting fruits are available for slicing.
- 30+ 3D knives or blades are ready to cut the fruits.
- Eye-catching effects with special power-ups.
- Free online fruit game with extremely funny levels.
- Addictive gameplay with smooth and realistic controls.
- 3D vivid graphics with real sound effects.

1. Move your mouse to cut. On mobile browser slice fruits with fingers.
2. More hits, more scores, and 3 more hits will get a new knife.
3. Boosters and special fruits will help you to pass the level.
4. Lots of challenging levels, juicy dash!

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