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Time to get ready for the race. Your goal in this game is to race against other players to be the first to reach the end of the water slide track. To start the game, click the Play button on the main menu. After other players join the game, you will start sliding down.

Green arrows increase your speed while Geyser launches you in the air. You can jump from the slide and slide in the air to further parts to get in the first place. Be careful not to fall to the ground, because this will end the game. Complete the Race Rewards coin. You can spend it to open a new duck. is a fun online game where you will control rubber ducks. Your goal is to advance from your opponent on the water slide and reach the water tub. During the race, try to avoid other ducks, because you can hit them and thus slow down yourself. If you manage to fall from the water slide, you have the opportunity to return. If you fail to do it, the game ends and you have to start again. You will get a coin that can be used to buy new skin for your toys. So, good luck!

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Key Features:
- Enjoy with global friends.
- Nice graphics
- Upgrade your duck
- Unlock levels

To control your duck, you have to move the cursor to the left and right when pressing and holding the left mouse button. On your trip, you will face a different boost. For the keyboard, you have to press the arrows buttons to control your lovely duck.

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